What I do

I create sustainable communication and marketing strategies for local and regional business owners. In doing so, I also give you the skills you need to manage and maintain your communication and marketing strategies effortlessly. My education and experience allow me to be the expert you need. To learn more about me, check out my blog.  

Let's look at your current marketing strategies and determine if there are other ways to push your message to your audience. We will determine what media your target audience most often uses, and we will get the appropriate message out using that platform. 


Social media can be one of your greatest assets. By completing market and audience research, we can determine how to effectively use social media for your business. Together, we can implement a unique social media plan that suits you, your company, and your audience. Learn more. 

Social Media

Complete a communications audit of your business to determine current status. Offer accurate analysis and thoughtful insight on ways to create and implement sustainable strategies that work for you. Deliver a complete report of findings and make recommendations.



Create copy and text for several different media, feature stories, spotlights, web pages, social media posts, digital ads, email campaigns, brochures, business reports, slideshow presentations, press releases, posters, and/or events materials. 

Web writing and development

Designing and writing for the web is unique. Web pages are concise, succinct, and designed for scannability and readability. I'll help you design a new website, or I can review current web pages and provide suggestions to improve scannability, readability, and SEO. Learn more. 

Email marketing

Let me create email campaigns for your business that can be automated and integrated into other media, such as your website and/or social media. We will develop ways to test the effectiveness of the campaigns and adapt strategies based on results. Learn more.