• Tricia Breton

What do I do?

Recently, my good friend asked me a very important question - what exactly do I do?

I'm a communications and marketing professional who helps you develop appropriate strategies to sell or market your product and/or brand. To do this, I help determine who your customer is, what is the best message to share with them, and how to share that message.

I talk a lot about sustainable marketing and communications strategies, and that sets me apart from other professionals. I want to teach you how to develop consistent strategies that are automated and sustainable, so you can spend less time on marketing and more time on your business' other needs.

Technology allows us to do this. Because of apps and other technology, it is now easier than ever to integrate your email campaigns with your social media posts. It is easier to capture a prospective customer who lands on your website, generate that hit into a lead, and enter the lead into your ongoing email campaigns.

It's all about consistent integration and automation, and I can help you get started today. Check in next week to learn about how to identify your target audience and create personas to help determine the appropriate message.