• Tricia Breton

The secrets behind email campaigns

Email campaigns are an inexpensive way to advertise your product or business. With emails, you can increase brand awareness, share your story, and provide a clear call to action for your consumers.

As simple as it sounds, email campaigns can be tricky to develop and implement. First, you need permission to email your consumer. Then, you need a communication stream that delivers your message in a consistent, concise, and engaging manner.

What’s the most difficult aspect behind email campaigns? Getting your audience to open them. Think about your inbox. How many emails do you receive on a daily business? What emails do you open? Why?

That’s where I come in

Not only can I help you find your audience, create engaging email streams, and share your brand’s message, but I can also help you to entice your audience to actually open the email. I’ll run the analytics and develop an effective strategy that creates real results.

As your email campaign resource, I will:

  • learn about your brand and needs

  • create/implement brand’s messaging

  • determine email messaging topics

  • utilize storytelling

  • visual imagery for emails

  • effective subject lines

  • create call to action

  • run analytics

  • adjust messaging as needed