• Tricia Breton

Social Media Madness

Did you know that there’s a method to all of the social media madness? There’s a reason why you have a Facebook account over Snapchat or a Twitter over Google+. There’s a certain audience with specific demographics attached to each platform. There’s even a unique way to write for each social media network.

But I can help, so you don’t have to worry about the madness. I will:

  • determine best platforms for your needs

  • build followers

  • develop social media campaigns

  • run contests to increase engagement

  • use proper hashtags

  • create social media calendar

  • provide visual imagery

  • promote business/product

  • curate content

  • follow conversations that include business

With the research I completed in grad school, I can help you take your social media presence to new heights. I’ll help you determine which platforms are best, and I’ll teach you how to write for social media. If you want, I’ll create a social media guide for you and/or employees, so your brand will have an informed and unified voice across all necessary social media platforms.